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Labelling “Zen del Sur” into a single modality within the performing arts sector is not an easy task. Their expressive language is the result of research and connection between disciplines such as dance, live music and the circus, knowing how to transmit a special sensitivity through body control and a creative dialogue between movement and sound.

Zen has known how to establish its own identity and expressive language. They maintain a commitment to society by transmitting human values through their shows. They support “art” as an essential element for both health and personal growth.

They support multidisciplinary artists and a learning model based on the exploration of new scenic practises. Their productions mainly focus towards planning at the venue’s intimacy, sound quality and lighting offered by this type of spaces, but always making adaptations for street programmes and galas.

Therefore, “Zen del Sur” could be described as a team work where artists, designers and technicians converge towards a common goal: to excite the viewer and to generate a reflection on the ideas and feelings that the artists show on stage.

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