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Zèbre is the colloquial French term for a ‘weirdo’. It is also used to refer to people with great emotional or logical capacity. I find the social incomprehension that this generates quite interesting. Emotional and intellectual estrangement causes a state of permanent melancholy in a zebra. Taking inspiration from our cultural geniuses and universal thought, zèbre refers to common loneliness; it is about claiming what is different as the essence of approach between different human beings in a culture that imposes homogeneity as a non-criterion. It suggests to learn from the experience of non-indifference, or love for each other. It reclaims estranged knowledge as private property. We drink it and we offer it to drink. This act of perfect love crosses our path and takes something from us which, in turn, is imbued in others. It is an act of perfect love, and of comfort. It makes us free, and at times it also leaves us in overwhelming solitude. Zèbre is the very melancholy that makes us understand what it means to be free. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 04/12/2018 / Available

ficha artística

coreografía / dirección: manuela barrero dlcAos

intérpretes: davicarome, manuela barrero dlcAos

fotografía: jacobo medrano

video carles harillo

voz: bill viola, laurie anderson…

textos : jean cocteau, édith piaf…

manuela barrero dlcAos

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