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In Within, four women with strong personalities expose themselves. They show as they are, revealing what define them as individuals, while integrating in a single being. An intricate assembly of their bodies in movement, with their differences as the driving force. Their emotions, their artistic curiosities and their thoughts interact as part of a single body and, wether in harmony or discord, they create a mutual uplifting bond. Within was originally created as a 10 minutes performance for the State Ballet of Saarland in June 2016. Now the piece is extended and adapted to create something more specific for the local audience in Málaga, offering a dynamic and artistically rich show that interests the spectator regardless of his knowledge on dance. In other words, to endear the public with this kind of communication and make them feel identified with it. Within premiered on Octobre 21st 2017, at Espacio de Nuevos Valores of  Echegaray Theather (Málaga) Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 21/10/2017 / Available

Artistic direction and choreography: Marina Miguélez
Performed by: Paula Miguélez, Lara Misó, Paula Montoya, Kalin Morrow, Carmen Rodríguez
Light design: Marina Miguélez y Juanjo de la Fuente
Costume design: Marina Miguélez
Set design: Marina Miguélez y Maria Reyes Pérez
Music: Gaspar Sanz, RIcky Vivar, Pedro Guerra, Vicente Amigo, Balanescu Quartet