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Musical adapted and inspired by the famous musical comedy where the dancers

They demonstrate their talent as a dancer and interpreter, conveying the emotions that each character entails

West Side Story, also known as Love without Barriers, is based on the story of W. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.


In New York, two young bands, the Sharks, of Puerto Rican origin, and the Jets, Americans of Irish origin, are rivals and live in disputes. The conflict arises when Maria, sister of the head of the Puerto Rican gang, Bernardo and Tony, former member of the Jets, fall in love. The two bands incite the leaders, Bernardo and Tony to fight, Tony does not want but is forced to do so and, involuntarily, kills Bernardo. To avenge him, Chino, the suitor of Maria, kills Tony. As in the play of W. Shakespeare, the two bands end up solving their disputes with the death of lovers. In this version, Maria goes unpunished.


The musical was innovative: for the dances, which are part of the dramatic action; For the very varied music of Bernstein (Latin rhythms, jazz, love songs of great melodic beauty ...) and thematic. One of the most famous songs of this work is America, where the two visions of emigrants are contrasted when they arrive in the United States: the illusion for freedom, modernity and consumerism, and on the other hand the disillusionment with racial marginalization and poverty.

 This adaptation is carried out entirely by dancers with intellectual disabilities
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