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Welcome to the Montgomery experience! MONTGOMERY

Thought up by musician Miguel Marín together with the choreographers Teresa Navarrete and Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca, “Welcome to the Montgomery Experience!” was inaugurated at the Dance Month Festival in Seville, as a meeting where 5 musicians and 6 performers interacted in an authentic communion of music and movement. This first meeting without any rehearsals and set up more like a work in progress, encouraged the team to continue with its development in 2015. That is how a new show has now come to light, more elaborate, of a longer duration and more complex contents. It is a unique piece in terms of morphology, disciplinary equilibrium and number of performers, of a grand scale increasingly rare to see in Andalusian and Spanish productions. “Welcome to the Montgomery Experience!” is a celebratory feast, and a concert performed by a group of five musicians together with six invited dancers exposing their curiosity, relations and desires openheartedly, giving their all in an outpour of emotions and a heterogeneous repertoire of movements and presence. With an aesthetic mark from the 50s and 60s, the development of the piece intends to exchange roles between all of the characters, procuring to multiply the possibilities for relation and communication. The emotional complexity derived from this banal and quasi hedonistic a priori encounter takes us towards places far from placid and docile into a wasteland of hidden desires, melancholy and passion… It is always in a context of interminable celebration, from the desire that the party must go on. It is a celebration inviting people to join in; by dragging its rhythmical inertia to enjoyment in situ, it is encouraging the spectators to be integrated in the proposal laid out in the very end of the celebration itself. The music in Montgomery is highly rhythmical reminiscent of subliminal jazz, electronic dance and the French Chançon by Gainsburg and Company, polished voices, infinite percussions to the repetitive sounds of electronic beat and the very end of the world. At the heart of the “Welcome to the Montgomery Experience!” is the richness of the scenic languages its creators have applied in giving it form. Live music, contemporary dance, performance, playacting, props, and scenic architecture are all some of the intertwined elements applied in search of genuine communication, aesthetics and emotion. The keen-eyed spectator can perhaps detect even more; it all depends on the eyes of the beholder.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 04/12/2015 / Available

Original idea and direction: Miguel Marin.
Stage direction: Teresa Navarrete and Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca.
Musical Composition and live sound space. Montgomery (Miguel Marín, Jesús Bascón, Amanda Palma, Miriam Blanch, Björt Runarsdöttir)
Performancers: Teresa Navarrete, María M. Cabeza de Vaca, Silvia Balvín, Greta García, Laura Morales, Nando Pérez. (Substitute: Elisa del Pozo)
Scenic Space: María Meler
Light Designer/Technician: Benito Jiménez
Sound Technician: Javi Mora / Marcos Muñiz
Photography: Xavier Meler
Promotional Image: Luis Castilla
Video: La Buena estrella
Production: Montgomery and Gestora de Nuevos Proyectos Culturales S.L.
Distribution: Montgomery
Legal Representative: Gestora de Nuevos Proyectos Culturales S.L
Montgomery is member of: PAD (Red FECED)
Support: Acción Cultural Española