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The premature death of a mother is an unfair event. It makes us think about time logic, The order of nature And the luck of those who are still alive.   Why does somebody die without having to die yet? Why hasn’t one died already if it was meant to? Where is the mistake? Where lies the fault that has inverted the natural order of things? Who is to ask for explanations? Who can fix this injustice?   I WILL LIVE HERE   Is a revelation, a trial against the audacity to request an explanation, and a dance with life and death. An artisan scenic piece where text, space and body are the same thing: a composition of images and sounds in the service of a desire, a solo work embodied by Griselda Layño and accompanied by the body of Margarita Martin Socas. It is a tribute to The Trial of Joan of Arc, by Robert Bresson, taken as an ethical and aesthetical reference for the scene. A contemporary heroine is judged for questioning from love the order of nature. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 25/11/2017 / Available

Ficha artística

En escena: Griselda Layño y Margarita Martín Socas
Puesta en escena: Javier Cuevas
Dramaturgia y escritura: Griselda Layño, Javier Cuevas y Tamara Brito de Heer
Filmación: Miguel Morales
Fotografía: Tamara Brito de Heer
Movimiento y cuerpo: Carlota Mantecón
Iluminación y dirección técnica: Carlos Ramos
Vestuario: Amuhaici Luis y Victoria Villar Saucedo
Texto de introducción: Clarice Lispector (Un soplo de vida, Siruela)
Estudio grabación: SuperstereO Recording Studio

Producción: //solucionesdramáticas// y Griselda Layño