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VENGO! is a tribute to our folklore, seen from a current perspective where the present and tradition join in making a new reading of the signs of our identity, our roots, of where I come from. VENGO! is a long piece of about 70 minutes duration choreographed by a group of ten dancers in which the folkloric language and the contemporary dance are joined to form a common language, always in line with the choreography the company pursues: a continuous search for an original language that can grow beyond categorization. I come from… talks about our folklore, our roots, our culture… and how to rescue them to bring them to this time, to our present time. The folklore is the true seeds of history, the testament to our tradition, art and literature of the peoples, and what forms their authentic character. Through VENGO! I try to recover these seeds andsee in which way this character that shaped us in its moment and still lives in some of the corners of each and every one of our bodies can fit into our current folklore, culture and days. All I am trying is to reconcile my past with my future, being children of this land; we are also children of this time. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 21/07/2019 / Available

Idea original, dirección y coreografía: Sara Cano
Interpretación: José Alarcón, Yolanda Barrero, Juan Berlanga, Ana Botía, José Capel, Verónica Garzón, Ángela Jaurrieta, Daniel Morillo, Noemí Orgaz, Begoña Quiñones
Música: Coetus, Leillía, Kepa Junkera, Eliseo Parra
Diseño de iluminación: Gloria Montesinos
Diseño de sonido: Jorge Díaz
Diseño de vestuario: Elisa Sanz
Fotografía e imagen gráfica: MarcosGpunto
Atrezzo: Oscar Alonso
Producción: Sara Cano Compañía de Danza
Distribución: Elena Santonja ESMANAGEMENT