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UTOPÍAS HABITADAS proposes a choreographic creation that relates directly to diverse spaces, whether for the stage or museums. The choreography is part of a reflection on the space the piece takes on, an object of study, to arrive at the internal space of the bodies and their movements throughout a constant dialogue.   It is an opportunity to show contemporary dance as a tool and form of discovery by way of movement. One discovers a second space, in which aspects that don’t seem obvious at first, become evident, such as a transcendent relationship with textures, light, shadow, weight, lightness and with all of the elements that inspire a body to move or to stay still throughout magnetic coordinates, hidden in the architecture and that are made up of a series of sketches that together make up the memory of the place.   One dares to create an interaction that travels through the understood space as a perception and the movement as a symbolic construction of the space. More than establishing a relationship with the setting, dance values a narrative dimension, as an extension of the skin, and although it is external, it also pertains to the body. And the erected space can also be interpreted as a sketch for the movement, which may contain and define possibilities inspired by it.   THE SPACE IS CONDITIONAL TO THE MOVEMENT. THE MOVEMENT IS CONDITIONAL TO THE SPACE. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 26/10/2018 / Available

Proyecto creado para el Espacio Caja Negra del Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía en Córdoba Temporada 2018

Proyecto y coreografía: Manuela Nogales
Intérpretes: Ana M. Jiménez, Camille Cartier, Macarena Mendoza, María Lucena
Música: Arvo Pärt / Lehónidas Boskovec
Dirección Técnica: Diego Cousido
Vestuario: La Compañía
Gestión y distribución: Gestora de Nuevos Proyectos
Duración: 70 minutos