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Cía Dani Pannullo dancetheatre. Co Foto: BSLG

Pannullo, Iron Skulls and David Vento – three ways of interpreting hip hop


In tune with the global trend, hip hop on the Spanish scene is characterised by hybridisation and its capacity to deal with very specific social and human themes in the diversified languages of urban dance. Such is the case of Atlas (Map of Moves) by Dani Pannullo, which from the perspectives of break, parkour, contemporary dance, or the whirling dervishes of its athletic dancers tries to reactivate the emotional charge in the powerful photographs by José Ortiz Echagüe.

In Barcelona, we find another case in point with the Iron Skulls Co. Supported by the sensitivity and profound spirituality of Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz, the company has staged In Limbo. And, carried away by the ingenuity of Cervantes, they have created the successful No sin mis huesos [Not without My Bones], whereas Japanese manners and aesthetics exude from their beautiful performance Kintsugi.

In contrast, a halo of existential reflection and a tribute to our ancestors appear to be the guiding principles of Neanderthal. In this second creation by the David Vento Dance Theater, the members of this young group ask what is left in us of the primitive man. They equate their performance to the golden disc launched into space by the probes of the Voyager. The performance is a presentation and representation of what human beings are like in case another species should find it.  Vento, who has worked for Cirque du Soleil, and with Bob Wilson, won the Feten Award at the scenic arts fair for family audiences for this stunning proposal.

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