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The Provisional Dance and Nomad Companies come together to create a new work, which features the interpretation of two dance greats. A duo titled Once Again, with Carmen Werner and Roberto Torres.

"The consequences of a union are always an enigma, but usually lead to a sweet repetition of acts and gestures, complicity and desires. There are times that a man decides and the woman obeys, the less times I would say, it is here where the manipulation appears and where the result of a coexistence is once again, pleasant".

 Carmen Werner

 Dedicated to Roberto

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/02/2018 / Available

Artistic sheet:
Interpreters: Carmen Werner y Roberto Torres
Artistic direction: Carmen Werner
Musical Edition: Carmen Werner
Scenic space: Carmen Werner
Choreography: Carmen Werner y Roberto Torres
Illumination design: Alfredo Díez Umpiérrez
Recording: Yudi Acosta
Co-production: Provisional Danza, Compañía Nómada and Teatro Victoria