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“An easy way to end it all is a humorous solo-dance performance that reflects on the sense of existence.   “7 easy ways of end it all”, a brief writing by the artist Louise Bourgeois, has inspired this performance.  Louise’s writing deals with suicide and uses the concept of “end” recurrently both in the actual performance and the background plot. The concept of “end” is not regarded as a definitive way of ending it all but as a much needed requirement to end life stages and as a “driver of change”.   It is an optimistic performance about important, powerful, stormy, self-destructive and even electrical turning points in anyone’s life which involve breaking, trashing, cutting, vandalizing… and which can lead to change, when properly dealt with.  In other words, it is about the necessity to reinvent oneself and to keep on struggling. “ order to live in good conscience one needs to shatter, get wrong,    struggle, make mistakes, start and give up and start and give up again and fight forever. Tranquility is a sign of moral corruption.” / L. Tosltoi   In this new project I have put my mind to exploring and blurring the limits of performing and I would like to be on the frontier between “acting and theatre” and “performing arts”, mixing plastic arts, dance and drama.   I place this work between obscurity and farce, tragedy and comedy, treading on a slippery and conflicting ground.  And I am trying to find  the “transcendence of lightness” and the “lightness of transcendence”, and again, like in previous performances, I use “stupidity” as an intelligent way of facing this topic.  


Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 11/10/2011 / Available

ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE: Francisco Martínez
PHOTOGRAPHY: José Palomo; Documentation Centre; Quique García
DURATION: About 55 minutes