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TWINS it's a festive spectacle for family audiences. It is a proposal where the viewer becomes part of the relationship between two peculiar sisters. TWINS, explores various languages; dance, theatre and music.  Two sisters who inadvertently compete with each other, manipulation and play intermingle and cause them to miss each other.  A constant loss where his only desire is to meet again. Humor takes an important role and opens a gap of reflection towards human relationships. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 27/12/2015 / Available

Duration: 20 SHORT PICE or 45 LONG PICE minutes
Creators and performers: Celeste Ayus and Rosa Ma Masiá.
Music and text: Celeste Ayus.
Video: Carrer Art Festival, BCN
Photo: la maryposa
Residences of creation : Artistic residence in Vilareal Festival en dansa, REDWINE Pepa Casas, Centre Civic Convent de Sant Agustí, Casa Sagnier and Espacio Sanau dansa.

Thanks: Roberto Torres, Pepa Casas, Alternative Theater Network, Decorrido Festival.