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"Poor my dear companions that dream audibly, how I envy them with shame! With me are the others, the poorest ones, those who only have themselves to share their dreams and do what they would be verse, if they had written; the poor devils without further ado literature than its own soul, which die asphyxiated due its existents." (Pessoa) Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/06/2017 / Available

Choreography: Paloma Hurtado.
Interpretation: Paloma Hurtado, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Daniel Rosado
Music : Jerusalem (Kroke), Tristesse (La Source des Femmes), Moan Thing (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis), La Llorona (Beirut), The Shrew (March of the Zapotec).
Lenght: 15min.
Costume design: Ontop.pieldearena artes escénicas.
Produced by Colectivo Lamajara.