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Todo lo que no soy La Turba

How far are we willing to go in a casting to get the position? This actress, singer, poet, dancer, pianist and much more, is delivered to the jury to be chosen.

TODO LO QUE NO SOY (EVERYTHING I´M NOT) manifest the obstacles that will put the world of work and the market system in the personal fulfillment of young people, putting them in the imperative of sacrificing their artistic dignity to the demands of an impersonal market.

Performing piece where the text is a living material. The audience reception modifies and touch the structure of the scene and whats happens on stage. In a casting format where a game happens between the audience, the performer and the lights technician. By this way, the audience and the technician become the same jury which value the performer. Meanwhile she makes efforts to reach an irreal objetive: trying to be what she´s not, going far away from herself. Then it appears the biographic theme, as a pretext of “Carlota Berzal” to expose and lie about her own life, fighting to conquer the jury that ask and ask for more.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 17/07/2014 / Available

Director and Performer: Carlota Berzal

Performer and Sound technician: Federico Tarántola

Production: La Turba Company

Length: 60 minutes