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SYNOPSIS The Walk is a scenic experience that deals with walking from a poetic vision. A piece of contemporary dance that is presented as a landscape that is created and transformed through the dialogue between gravity, balance, the path and the architecture of bodies. The idea of walking leads us to the concept of balance from a physical point of view and metaphorical as well. Balance gives us a place to be logical, imbalance takes us to a place to react. The Walk talks about the relationship between these two states and how our logical and our instinctive side get into a dialogue with space and determine our course. ADDITIONAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Walk is a co-creation project carried out by Andrea Amor and Miguel Ángel Punzano. The engine of the project was the desire to create something together and the fact of embarking on a joint creation project evoked us the image of two people who walk together, and in this way we began to investigate about walking. On a symbolic, metaphorical, dramaturgical level, the idea of ​​walking connected us with other ideas such as advancing, evolving, and growing. At the physical level, the idea of ​​walking led us to the action of moving, traveling through a space, and this made us to question the way to bring that action to a limited stage space. On another front the analysis of walking from an anatomical and biomechanical point of view made us irremediably connect with the idea of ​​balance, and this was another important part of the investigation at the movement level. Working on the concept of balance we foud the stones, an essential scenographic element that helped us to generate the image of the landscape and which in turn became another element or body with an important presence in the scene. The music, created by David Cobo, is another important element of the piece. The idea was to create a sound environment that supported that landscape vision of the scene, and that helped to generate that feeling of going through different landscapes. Lastly, the lighting work was done by Miguel Ruz, who was the unifying element of all the others, making the bodies, the choreography, the scenery and the music being part of a whole, " The Walk " Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/02/2019 / Available

Company: Tejido Conectivo
Show: The Walk
Genre: Contemporary Dance
Duration: 55 min
Direction, choreography & interpretation:
Andrea Amor and Miguel Ángel Punzano
Scenography: Tejido Conectivo
Lighting design: Miguel Ruz Velasco
Music and sound design: David Cobo
Photography: Claudio Palazzo
Costume design: Jianhua Zhang