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Ten thousand false thoughts La Casquería

The pieceTen thousand false thoughts” is the second production of the collective La Casquería. The project has come into being during 2014 in artistic residence at the Graner-Centro de creación and in technical and artistic residence at the Centro de las Artes de Sevilla. It has also been supported by the Centro Andaluz de Danza (CAD). Ten thousand false thoughts” is a contemporary dance play conceived for stage areas as well as for singular spaces. It provides, therefore, a flexible offer that can be brought to the public in multiple ways. It has a duration of 50 minutes.   Synopsis When I was growing up in California there were two things that everyone assumed were good for you. There were, of course, others - spinach and oatmeal, for instance - but right now I’m thinking of sunshine and orange juice. When we lived at Ocean Park, I was sent out every morning to the beach where I spent the day building rolly-coasters in the sand, complicated downhill tracks with tunnels and inclines upon which I rolled a small hard rubber ball. Every day toward noon I fainted because the sun was too much for me. When I fainted I didn't fall down, but I couldn't see; there were flocks of black spots wherever I looked. I soon learned to find my way in that blindness to a hamburger stand where I'd ask for something to eat. Sitting in the shade, I'd come to. It took me much longer, about thirty-five years in fact, to learn that orange juice was not good for me either. J. Cage, Silence (1961) Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/12/2014 / Available

Creation and performance
Anna París and Raquel López

Original soundtrack
Ashley Turner

Assistant to direction
Sebastián García Ferro

Lighting design
Carmen Mori

Juan Diego Fernández y Esther Martínez

Production and distribution
La Casquería