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Tango Infame is a tribute to tango through Piazzolla and from R.E.A Danza. Both share an anniversary and a way of understanding Tango, when by going beyond the limits of the folkloric and the social, it becomes a living artistic fact, in constant development. The origin of tango is infamous, says Borges, it was born in places of bad reputation and reaches our days as the intangible heritage of humanity. Rea danza articulates Tango Infame in three fundamental axes: the origin of tango with its characters, the energy of the city with Piazzolla and the backbone of the company through a metal installation made up of semicircles that symbolize the core transformation in its movement. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 23/10/2021 / Available

Nuria Estebanez
Esther Medina
Mercedes Ángel
Nacho Fortes
Diego Arias
Jupa Arias

Coreografía: Jupa Arias – Diego Arias
Vídeo: Jupa Arias
Diseño de iluminación: Eladio Cano
Vestuario: Norma García
Escenografía: Juan Arias
Producción: Cía. REA DANZA
Dirección: Jupa Arias – Diego Arias