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Tan a prop is the outcome of Residència 0, a longer piece that we created with the desire to explore the possible dialogues that are generated between dance and sculpture, through the creation of a plaster sculpture on stage, in real time. The two performers embody the material in all of its phases: from being water and dust, to becoming a solid and firm piece that is able to support the weight of their bodies. Parallel, they develop the exploration of creative gesture. Thus, the journey becomes a shared pathway where their own personal experience on creation and the transformation of the material meet, and evolve together. This conforms the piece.

In Tan a prop, we focus on this last phase of the journey: the moment when these two beings finally encounter on the already solidified sculpture. It’s a concave platform, a tiny, firm but fragile space, which augurs the complicity of the bodies in intimacy. On it, they test the limits of balance and cooperation between each other in order to stay on top.

This intimate encounter reflects a variety of moments that mirror the complexity of human relationships: vulnerability and strength, that lie in being present with the other; recognizing another body, learning how to relate to it, keeping it from falling. They cope with weight, fatigue, resistance. They find gentleness in knowing that they hold, care for and accompany the other. There is always a return to balance and peace after risk and fracture.

Working with an external element, makes both the dancers and the audience surrender to the unpredictable behavior of a material that does not depend on them. This factor is the conditioning element of the piece. Depending on how the paste has been mixed, poured and dried, the solid resulting platform breaks, cracks or flakes in one way or another. It is no longer them who shape the material, but the other way around: it is the plaster who guides the dancers in their movements and alters their bodies.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/09/2021 / Available

Concept and original creation
Llego Tarde Collective

Creation, direction and performance
Júlia Godino and Alexa Moya

Sculpture and set
Xim I. Rabassa

Sound and music
Adrià Girona

Light and technical design
Lucas Tornero

Production and distribution
Júlia Godino and Alexa Moya

Project launched by
Kena Rodríguez and Gemma Roura