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To seem without imitating, to appear without forgetting.

Carnivalesque stage of life, weight of appearance and implacable judgement of aspects.

What woman were you?

What woman are you?

Appearance as a possibility for the future.

August 2020. We are in the centre of Allariz, specifically at the crossroads between the streets of La Cruz and Fonteiriña. In front of us, a striking photograph dated 1925 and by Manuel Riesco. In it, a group of women, dressed in the uniforms of two football teams: Arnoya de Allariz and Celanova, with a defiant and serious attitude, in the belle époque style, under the caption "Women's football team on the old Vilanova pitch".

Apparently, we were before the first record of a pioneering futfem team, a black and white image, belonging to the Municipal Archive of Allariz, where these 12 women appear dressed in football uniform posing in formation.

The image seems immensely beautiful and it is hard to stop thinking about the history that must lie behind it:

Who were these women?

What became of them?

What happened in that match?

Are they pioneers?

Faced with these questions, we begin - with no turning back - an immersion into the curiosities of these feminised and as yet undiscovered journeys of life.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/04/2022 / Available

Esther Latorre
Hugo Pereira

Esther Latorre
Hugo Pereira
Clara Ferrão
Sybila Gutiérrez
Fran Martínez

Lighting Design:
Pedro Fresneda

Touring technician:
Jaume Blai

Sound Space:

Collaboration Sound Archive:
Arquivo Galego do Oral

Dani Rodríguez

Management support:
Manu Lago · Galicia Danza Contemporánea

Carlota Mosquera and Dani Rodríguez

Graphic design:
Paulina Funes

Colaboration with Adolfo Domínguez

Co-produced by:
Centro Coreográfico Galego ·
Xacobeo 21-22 · Xunta de Galicia

With the support of:
Teatro Ensalle
INAEM · Ministerio de Cultura · Gobierno de España
Concello Lugo
Museo MIHL
Concello Allariz
A Casa Vella
Galicia Danza Contemporánea
Escuela Palimoco