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"What are, and where are Les Sylphides today?" The original ballet Les Sylphides, made by the russian choreographer Fokine, is considered the first ballet story without plot or argument, which means, is the first abstract ballet and the start of what is contemporary dance. From the aesthetic essence of Fokine’s ballet, this reinterpretation of Les Sylphides seeks to build a more vital representation, which is closer to our experience and perception of life, while teaches the public how you can live and feel the dance today by means of a pleasant dose of humor. More info: Click Here Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 15/08/2013 / Available

Direction, Choreography and Video: Iker Gómez.
Executive Producer: Itziar Alonso, Jelena Simic, Nadia Corsi.
Assistant Choreography: Inés Vieites.
Costumes: Naomi Rodríguez, Ayako Yokota.
Music: Frederic Chopin, Bigorringo.
Lighting Designer: Fernando A. Rodríguez.
Photo: Beatriz Martínez, Israel Mateos.
Dancers: Eva Martínez, Michael Realin, Paula Pérez,
Marcos Martincano, Alejandra Deza, Stephanie Van Laethem.
Web Designer: DV_Dance Art.
Web Programming: Iker Gómez.
Web Sound: Bigorringo.
Social Web: Lucia Mateo.
Acknowledgements: Iranzu Sanz de Galdeano, Daniel Valiente,
Amparo Novas, Manuel Garzón, Teresa López.