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Sustratos de un baile Cía. Lavelladanza

In “Sustratos de un Baile” what is particular and intimate turns into something universal, its philosophical reflection starts from the feminine to reach a holistic vision of the human being. Sixty minutes of a manifesto about women, about the passage of time and the difficulties involved in going through doors without rest. In the piece, nine women take part and each one of them is a world, a story that builds a bridge towards the interior, towards those places that are still unlit. The show is woven with the stories of each one, forming a human tapestry where the shape of women and their role in society can be seen, all sewn with the red son of dance. The research work of this performance shows the fine line between the choreographic and the biographical of these women, where the passage of time has inexorably sculpted their traces of life. Voice, movement, life, shadows, doors, gazes... Isabel Lavella's imagination merges with the substrata of the dance of each of the performers, thus creating a work, where the spectator's fantasy is involved in the final reading of the piece.     Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/12/2021 / Available