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A contemporary dance and audiovisual performance inspired by ocean conservation The Sacrifice of Giants is a new ecologically sensitive choreographic work that combines dance, video, and photography in an attempt to sensitize people to the natural behavior of the inhabitants of our oceans - the cetaceans. The emotional and choreographic patterns are designed according to the social structure of the global movement which stands against the captivity of cetaceans, promotes public education, and the conservation of the species and the ocean. The production premiered in Teatro Conde Duque of Madrid and has been supported by The Bogliasco Foundation of N.Y.C. / Italy, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Centro Danza Canal Madrid, Coreógrafos en Comunidad en Madrid, La Dolphin Connection Spain y France, International Coalition SOSdelfines, and the international event Empty the Tanks, among others. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 06/03/2015 / Available

Choreography & Direction: Camille Hanson
Dancers: Ugne Dievaityte, Belén Guijarro, Poliana Lima, Camille Hanson
Audiovisuals: Juan Carlos Aréval
Music: Arbol (Miguel Marín), Vidal
Lighting design: Cristina Bolivar, María Otero
Wardrobe: Nikita Nipone
Mask design: Marisa Wanda Ringer
Duration: 60 min. full production / 20-30 min. extract of full production