Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Duration: 30’ or 45’  interactive with the audience Short Version 14’
The impulse of this piece: The complexity of the Human Being. Your need to express, tell, transmit, the noise of your busy and restless mind difficult to tame. The strength of the Human Being and his weakness. Your vital need to move, to feel, to realize a path.
The fall into the abyss of thoughts, the lack of faith, the paralyzing fear and the need to free themselves from their traumas. Finally for the brave one, trust in the moment, compassion and surrender. Invoke. Contemplate.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 27/05/2017 / Available

Choreography & Direction: Gregory Auger & Martín Padrón
Cast: Gregory Auger y Martín Padrón
Creation & Music: Gregory Auger
Lighting Design: Grace Morales
Promotion: Cristina Pérez Sosa
Administration: María Darias
With the support of : Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno de España, Gobierno de Canarias, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian de La Gomera, El Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera.