Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Evoke the sublime song towards
transcendence. The subtle
vibration of the muscle as a
passage between states.
The ritual that evolves to the
esoteric that transforms to
the sacred.
Inhabiting territories of the
personal imaginary, delivered
landscapes, offered to be
viewed through a dancing body.
The observer, as a witness of
the corporeal reverberation,
of the inexplicable; as a
traveler through the geography
of the symbolic subconscious
to arrive at the place that
is, at the place he/she wishes
it to be...
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/12/2019 / Available

created & performed | Javier Arozena

costume | Gino Senesi

lights design | Horne Horneman

pics | Derek Pedrós

“Schwanengesang” is supported by Teatro Victoria, Asociación Psicoarte, Tenerife Lav.

the company would like to thank Galería de arte Bibli de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.