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SACRA is a space of life, of life understood as a succession of natural phenomena that are superimposed on human existence itself tragically limited by the inexorable fact that birth is linked to the inescapable fact of dying. And the need to transcend this reality - inserted in the succession of days and nights - being creator and work, beginning and end, interlude and doubt. SACRA goes through the songs and rites of the divine and its relationship with nature, in the necessary coexistence of the biological and the ontological, with the memory of the body and its future will. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 21/01/2017 / Available

Artistic direction & choreography: Asun Noales
Performers: Asun Noales, Alexander Espinoza, Diana Huertas, Sebastián Rowinsky, Carmela García, Rosanna Freda
Assitant: Dolma Jover
Lighting: Juanjo Llorens
Scenery design: OD
Costumes: Carlos Milla, Emilio Morales
Photography and video: Germán Antón
Graphic design: LoCarmen Design, MadeByFrancis
Musical Advisor: Germán Antón, Francisco Sarabia Marchirán
Sound: Eurotrack Estudio
Technical coordination: Visisonor
Engineer officer: Carlos Gallardo
Documentation: Francisco Sarabia Marchirán
Executive Production and booking: Amadeo Vañó – Cámara Blanca
Residency: CCC L’Escorxador de Elche