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Two families, two languages: the contemporary dance created by Jean-Philippe Dury mixed with the new Spanish- dance. Two lovers and two families… Montagues and Capulets taken to a Spanish environment showing contemporary conflicts between cultures and habits. The dance focuses on the conscious desire as the boost of the action. Two different worlds represented through two dance feelings.
	This version of Romeo and Juliet plays with the characters, exchanging female and male roles, proposing a new reading beyond gender characteristics . The love tragedy shows two conscious adults and two families representing different cultural groups. Traditional aspects -such as “castañuelas” fans or the “bata de cola“ dress-, become contemporary tools in a rich exchange between the codes of Spanish dance, flamenco and contemporary dance. The choreography develops new movements expressing the possibility of a meeting between "enemies", metaphor about the need to be understood beyond conflicts or differences.
	Inspired by W. Shakespeare's drama and its main characters, the choreographer proposes a rereading about desire, conflict and diversity. Dury explores an approach to an unisex and trans world where gender identity is diluted. Romeo and Juliet are not two crazy teenagers... They are aware of their  tragedy and they know that for them the miscegenation is impossible. Death hangs over them...
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/10/2016 / Available

Choreography and direction: Jean Philippe Dury
Flamenco Choreography: Sara Cano, Emilio Ochando
Guest Artists: Sara Cano, Juan Berlanga & Emilio Ochando
Music: Davic Guerra García / S. Prokofiev
Light Design Pablo R. Soeane
Lightening: Beatriz Francos Díez
Costumes Design Aleksandar Noshpal
Video and photography: Eva Viera
Dramaturgy Jean Philippe Dury
Scenography: Jean Philippe Dury
Dance teachers and repeiteurées: Andrea Méndez, Begoña Quiñones, Valentina Pedica
Management: Ana Cabo

Juliet: Sara Cano
Romeo: Jean Philippe Dury
Juliet’s mother: Andrea Méndez
Tibaldo: Juan Berlanga
Nanny: Emilio Ochando
Mercuccio / Fray Lorenzo: Begoña Quiñones
Paris: Adrían Díaz.Rodríguez
Benvoglio: Valentina Pedica
Montescos: Martine Bentsen, Antonella Sampieri, Verónica Garzón
**Subvencionada por Comunidad de Madrid – Oficina de Cultura y Turismo