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Rito is the liturgy that emerges from the symbiosis of Guerrero and Noales. It is the celebration of a myth, of a fabulous story that explains, without any words, the aspects of humans and the strengths of nature. The symbolic nature of this complex artistic production takes shape through the body, sculpture, light and sound, using choreography and installations to bring them all together. The result is a performance that involves the five senses, but it also moves the cognitive means that allows us to be immersed in the story.

Tatiana Sentamans Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 21/10/2016 / Available

Direction: Asun Noales y Susana Guerrero
Choreography: Asun Noales in collaboration with Sebastian Rowinksy
Performers: Asun Noales / Sebastian Rowinksy
Installation: Susana Guerrero
Photography: Germán Antón
Video: Germán Antón / SUICAfilms
Graphic Design: Los Machos / Susana Guerrero
Musical and documentation management: Francisco Sarabia Marchirán
Sound Editing: Eurotrack Estudio
Production: OtraDanza
Executive Production: Amadeo Vañó
Booking: Amadeo Vañó-Cámara Blanca / Gertrud Gómez-Santamaca