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The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. ‘The Portrait of Oscar Wilde’ by Gustavo Ramirez Sansano choreographs a realm inspired by a controversial literary artist, set to the melodic lyricism of Franz Schubert.Two emotional pillars reveal themselves to the protagonist Oscar Wilde. On one side his wife Constance is at his hand, while at the other, by the turn of the head, he sees Lord Alfred Douglas and is seduced by the simple pleasures of youth and beauty. He falls in love.  After British legal judgment scorns the affair, a dark cell becomes a haven where clarity falls upon Wilde like a white cataract of identity, and his mind branches out, affirmed and sprung from his own truth.Besides everything, art defends beauty, tolerance, and individualism. This idea, this thematic principle, is in the name of Oscar Wilde. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/11/2014 / Available

Original Idea: Mario Zambrano y Gustavo Ramírez.
Artistic direction, Choreography, Concept of Lighting and Scenic space: Gustavo Ramírez Sansano.
Executive direction, Choreographic assistant and Video: Verónica García
Dancers: Paula Serrano Llorca, Itxasai Mediavilla Jiménez and Francisco Martínez García.
Costume: proyecto titoyaya.
Set designer: Luis Crespo
Music: Franz Schubert.
Musical edition: Gustavo Ramírez Sansano
Photography: Ewa Krasucka, Germán Antón and Mario Zambrano
Text: Mario Zambrano.
Produced by Proyecto Titoyaya, San Fulgencio Cityhall, Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana.