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Residència 0 is an interdisciplinary project that collectively explores the nature of the creative gesture. It is a search for one's own place through art, in which the creative process occurs in parallel with the process of discovering oneself. Two dancers and a sculptor establish a dialogue through a shared imaginary and poetics to create a sort of cathartic manifesto around artistic practice as a process of liberation and growth. Matter and movement activate the intention, the action, the beginning of an intimate journey by means of choreographic gestures. The piece becomes an initiatory ritual, enabling a deep reflection on one's own identity which also invites the viewer to seek (and find) itself in artistic expression. In order to enliven the dialogue between both disciplines, the sculpture is generated live, in the scenic space, as part of the dramaturgy. The performers, as generators and generated beings, create a semi-spherical plaster sculpture on stage, which solidifies and is afterwards used to dance on. Through dance and sculpture there is an ontological, material and gestural investigation by means of poetic movements that share qualities from very different places. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the project, we also offer the possibility of presenting it in an exhibition format as an alternative to the scenic proposal, in virtue of a physical installation which the audience can travel through and into Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/02/2020 / Not available

Collective creation by Llego Tarde Collective
Project encouraged by – Kena R. Kuhn and Gemma Roura
Concept, coordination and artistic research – Kena R. Kuhn
Choreography and interpretation – Júlia Godino Llorens and Alexa M. Panksep
Sculpture and scenic space – Xim I. Rabassa
Sound – Adrià Girona
Costume – Earth & Mama Co.
Production and accompaniment – Gemma Roura