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Requiem de Mozart speaks about life, death and injustice of the judges. This work is a tribute to the concept of the injustice we need to live in life. We can all be free and have a private and personal relationship with each existing religion. This is the reason why in this work, we will begin from the private relationship Mozart had with God when creating the Requiem. We will apply it to the spiritual and religious culture nowadays. All the concepts of his texts, although they are written in 1790, are very contemporary. From here, the choreography will begin from a religious, spiritual dance, of different styles and different cultures. I will bring all this dances to my style, using what I could investigate from each type of dance and movement. I will begin from the ancient and religious dances, an astronomical dance created by the Egyptians and imitated by the Greeks, that was reduced to a representation of the well measured steps and figures, very related to the movement of the celestial bodies. The African dances which in this case are the Earth and Heaven. Buddhist dances that try to be the inside dances with very little movement and that at the same time revive the feelings. The native dances, which bring us to a path that takes people who are dying to the other life. And finally the movement of the Arabic dances that turn around the world and opt for a stable movement, that at the same time want to fly, release and leave. I keep delving into the research and this is materializing within the contemporary dance style of the company. Maria Rovira       Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 19/10/2019 / Available

Asistentes de coreografía y dirección: Aina Gargallo,
Borja Fernández
Dirección y coreografía: Maria Rovira
Diseño de iluminación: Rhazil Izaguirre
Producción ejecutiva: Bastet Arte y Cultura
Asistencia: Ana María Carulla
Música: Mozart
Coro y orquesta
Comunicación: Centre Cultural Terrassa, CREA DANCE
Producción: CREA DANCE FOUNDATION, formada por Sebastián de Pascal (Presidente), Lourdes de Pascal (Secretaria) y Marta Antich (Tesorera).
Fotos: Josep Guindo