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Real... like glory, immortality of the soul, wisdom and beauty. Real... like love, arrogance, power and pain. Real is a body that moves based on these sometimes unknown and forgotten ideas. It is time to walk away from judgments no matter how and when, letting out our deepest instinct. Because we have forgotten that our existence is mystical and inexplicable, but it does not cease to be real. Real... is what happens when you close your eyes and give life to the unimaginable.   Credits and datasheet

Title: REAL
Duration: 15 min
choreography/ Dancer: Emiliana Battista Marino
number of dancers: 1
Music: Collage
Costume designer: Serezade Sosa. Diseñadora Etic Movement
Photo: Javier Reyes Ryos

Emiliana Battista Marino

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