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"Something is uncovered, a portal opens. I bring everything and something else just in case... I even have bricks in my pockets. It is necessary to rebuild. The urgency that arises to calibrate past and present to review aesthetic and moral values." R.R. This new work consists of a device for museums and galleries. A performance where the relationship between body and object (100 mud bricks) creates a tension that dialogues and questions the monuments, the pedestals, the works of art. The idea of ​​reconstructing stories, elevating other bodies in the attempt to emancipate subjectivities made invisible in postcolonialism. "An institutional collection of a museum aspires to be the organized account of a specific time, our current perception of the past as something confused and constantly reinterpretable." This is what Gilberto González says. It is in this gap that my practice is situated right now. How to filter them through a queer, feminist and ultimately decolonial perspective? Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 15/02/2021 / Available

concept and performer

TEA (espacio de las artes de Tenerife)
Week Gallery Madrid (N/F Gallery)
La_Cresta performance y danza curado por: Carlota Mantecón