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Short Folklore suite consists of 4 scenes: Charro, Jack, Nana Valencia and Muñeira

Created to cast of 10 dancers. 15 ‘duration


The Suite “Raigambre” is a ballet of Folklore in 4 scenes. Each describes the four characteristics that define a people; tradition, temperament, heart  and brotherhood. Here are four qualities that will always have a community within its roots.
With this dance we want to show how folklore is “a living thing” is not tied to a land, and therefore those roots that characterize us as a community are always growing and inevitably mixing with each other to form a network that creates foundations of our culture.

  • – “Gallo Rojo” (“Red Rooster”) (Charro) make us travel back in time. The stories and legends of Spanish folklore that spoke of the strength of the people; contact with the earth.


  • – “Overture” (Jota) will try to show the fighting spirit of the Spanish people. The rhythm of this piece will transport us to an almost tribal world where the dancers let us see different groups, which face each other, guided the direction of our culture to eventually create a common soul, with clear differences between them, but with a sense of community.


  • – “Xiqueta Meua” (lullabies from Valencia) is the counterpoint in this ballet. In every culture we see the figure of the woman as a mother and as a symbol of life. This can be understood through lullabies. The Nanas are a common chant in almost all the Spanish geography whose dance will show a more dramatic dance through the movements of the performers (three women).


  • – “Maria Ramo de Palma” (Muñeira) is the end point of this Suite, and transports us to Galicia moving away from a purist folklore. We can appreciate and even percussion instrumentation that mixes different sources of our culture. Here is displayed in a clear way, the vitality and energy of a people like the Spanish.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/07/2014 / Available

Dirección artística y Coreografía: Juan Manuel Prieto
Diseño de Iluminación: Carlos Fajardo
Diseño y realización de Vestuario: Carmen Granell
Asistente de dirección y Comunicación: Roberto Pereira
Music: Coetus
Duration: 15′