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Qualsevol means “anybody” when referring to people or “anything” when referring to options, things and so on. We deal with the experiences of those who have tried to change their life moving from their original place to some other but they have found plenty of people trying to prevent it. How do we relate to these issues from our own body? Who can understand what goes through someone's head when drowning or dying suffocated if not putting your body in those same situations? Is it falling from a fence similar to fall in a fairground attraction? Is it the extreme heat in the trunk of a car while crossing a border similar to the heat that someone feels when getting into a sauna? Through scenes of great visual beauty, La Coja Dansa commits itself to true direct actions that cause reactions in the viewer. Qualsevol was premiered the 19th of June, 2014. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 19/06/2014 / Available

Dirección: Santi de la Fuente
Interpretación: Olga Clavel, Inés Belda, Lorena López, Joaquín Collado/Albert García y Santi de la Fuente.
Música: Raúl Fuentes (Heezen)
Iluminación: Hipólito Patón
Producción: Raquel Vidal
Espectáculo creado en residencia “Graneros de Creación Inestable” de Valencia y A Contar Mentiras.
Ayudas a la producción de Culturarts – Generalitat Valenciana y Ajuntament de València.