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PSIQUE, the latest choreographic proposal by Daniel Doña Dance Company is, above all, a reinterpretation of tradition, a present approach to festivities, religious or profane rituals, to symbols, legends and celebrations that have remained throughout time and that, even today, can be found in some areas of Spain. It is also a recovery work, tracking down tradition in the soul of the Spanish people, an exhaustive research about traditional music and dance, about its survival and permanence; it is an exercise in which we unlearn the past at the same time apprehending it to propel it to the present, in a way that tradition and modernity are interrelated, coexist and generate new dramatic expressions on stage. Hence, PSIQUE is an awakening to spaces that were asleep in our memories, an evocation of what is deep inside us, a call of attention to traditions that are past and history, but at the same time are extremely present and have endless artistic possibilities construed from the present for the public of today. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 20/09/2018 / Available

Idea original y coreografía: Daniel Doña
Dirección escénica: Jordi Vilaseca
Intérpretes: Cristian Martín, David Vázquez y Daniel Doña
Diseño escenográfico: Elisa Sanz
Diseño de vestuario: Xabier Mújika
Diseño de iluminación: Olga García (A. a. i) y Álvaro Estrada (A. a. i)
Composición musical original:Pablo Martin Jones
Colaboración musical: Héctor González
Orientación histórica: Jose Luís Gutiérrez
Orientación musical y coreográfica: Mayalde
Realización de escenografía: Mambo Decorados S.L
Técnico de sonido: Kike Cabañas
Técnicos de maquinaria: Oscar Alonso “Rusti” y Lalo Gallego
Diseño gráfico y fotografía: marcosGpunto
Grabación y realización de video: Beatrix Molnar
Comunicación: Antonio Rojas
Producción: Daniel Doña Compañía de Danza
Producción ejecutiva: Eva Marcelo