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A Prusik knot is for gripping and locking. This is a friction hitch that releases when pressure is removed. A knot of salvation.   We use the Prusik knot metaphor to represent the universe of a community. Seeking out new parameters, they self-exile in search of a new humanity. To not build the same thing, and use courage to create something new in relation to bonds, desire, the yearning to be free, the being’s original nature; one’s own nudity, emotion, work, family, planet… To recover the innocence of evolution, to play in peace once again, and reencounter identity before separation. It is urgent and necessary to seize Eden and take it back. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 08/06/2021 / Available

Idea y Dirección Virginia García y Damián Muñoz
Dramaturgia Virginia García
Creación e interpretación Carmen Fumero, Virginia García, Helena Gispert
Música Jesús Díaz (Making Music in Silence)
Vestuario La Intrusa
Iluminación La Intrusa / Daniel Badal
Técnico de iluminación y sonido Daniel Badal
Producción y Management Cane (N.Canela)

Una producción de LA INTRUSA con el apoyo y colaboración de: Gobierno Vasco y Donostia Cultura- Teatro Victoria Eugenia.