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The starting point is a shared practice between two bodies that are explored and experienced in a state of indigent interdependence, far from feeling what is Self-Love. To approach this state of pre – essence, Felix Arjona Conejero and Natalia Jiménez Gallardo have designed a scenic suppository called: Propiamol.

This proposal offers movement workshops aimed at the community, university, people with functional or intellectual diversity, and all types of groups as a strategy to prevent violence and abuse within personal affective relationships. Promote and favor healthy practices and habits for the promotion of healthy interpersonal relationships and good treatment.


Creation date: 02/01/2019 / In active

Creation and interpretation: Felix Arjona and Natalia Jiménez
Cultural Mediator and Psychologist. Paola. Z. Zurbarán
Dramaturgical advice: Alberto Cortés and Jose Luis de Blas

In collaboration with the UnaAuna association, a group of professionals specialized in gender, and prevention and attention to gender violence, as well as in the promotion of equality.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/01/2019 / Available

Creación: Felix Arjona y Natalia Jiménez
Acompañamiento. Paola. Z. Zurbarán
Asesoramiento dramatúrgico: Alberto Cortés y Jose luis de Blas