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Duration: 50'

The show must go on?

The reason behind this action is my desire to become aware, in a group, about the chaos of universal ethical values in which we are immersed consciously or unconsciously.

A reflection on what the spectator expects from a show and the reason why the interpreter is exposed.

The context, the subject and the rest ...

"The human body is nothing more than appearance and hides our reality. The reality of the soul" Víctor Hugo

The context, the subject and the rest ... It is a reflection on us, on our purpose, on our love, on our scars, about our past, present and future ...

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/01/2012 / Available

“The show must go on?”
Creation & performer: Martín Padrón.

“El contexto, el sujeto y lo demás…”
Creation & performer : Gregory Auger
Music: Vivaldi