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The body as a container. As if it were a Barbie that with its plastic body lasts over time, empty inside, hermetic outside. Reflection of the importance that modern society gives the outside and not inside.

The plastic can also be a space to store, preserve, a space where the content has space. Thus, the body gathers in its interior the experiences and emotions that define us. We hide in a body transforming the demand of the social moment that we have to live. A body where vital moments are stored, stored and forgotten, a container that models and transforms its physique so as not to reveal the content-emotions that fill it.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/04/2018 / Available

Direction and choreography

Rut Balbís


Paula Quintas


Fany Bello

Lighting Design and Scenography

Afonso Castro

Production and management

Belém Brandido and Manu Lago


Mozart, Ulobit, Andreu Soul, Weval, Olafur Arnalds


Miramemira, Adriana Pazos Ottón, Íñigo Rodrigo Román and Fotográfica Oviedo



A production of



Pistacatro, Galicia Danza Contemporánea, Centro Coreográfico Galego, Concello de A Estrada, Concello de Negreira and Auditorio Municipal de Ourense

Paula Quintas- Cía TrasPediante

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