Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Dance to the menu We can adapt to your scheduling needs. We can suggest different combinations of inclusive contemporary dance pieces of short duration. You can organise your event selecting from one to seven performances, how you please. A new way to programme shows:   ENCUENTROS Y SALUDOS ( ENCOUNTERS AND GREETINGS ) Choreographer: Manuel Cañadas Performers: Helliot Baeza and Manuel Cañadas Premiere: Festival Escena Mobile 2014 (Seville) Street show | Theatre Synopsis: Two bodies meet and greet having a conversation. Hands. Hug. Outstanding performances: Theater Festival of Valladolid, Agitart Festival of Figueras, Hijinx Unity Festival Cardiff (Wales), Fringe in El Matadero (Madrid), ProteArt Moscow (Russia). IDEM ¡QUÉ MONOCIGÓTICO ME SIENTO! ( IDEM, I FEEL MONOZYGOTIC! ) Choreographer: Arturo Parrilla Performers: Jaime García and Arturo Parrilla Premiere: Festival Escena Mobile 2014 (Seville) Street show | Theatre Synopsis: When you get associated to a group, immediately you become a prototype to many people. I am not an Archetype! ... Well, sometimes yes. Outstanding performances: Theater Festival of Valladolid, Agitart Festival of Figueras, Unity Festival of Cardi (Wales), Fringe in El Matadero (Madrid), ProteArt Moscow (Russia), No Limit of Berlín (Germany). EL ESPEJO ( THE MIRROR ) Choreographer: Vanesa Aibar Performers: Vanesa Aibar and Helliot Baeza Premiere: Festival Escena Mobile 2015 (Sevilla) Indoor show Synopsis: The Mirror is about nding a path, a path of liberation, creation and destruction from the reection of Marguerite Porete, a great thirteenth century mystic woman who found reection as a means of expression of spirituality. The delity to her work was her end. Awards: Three awards in the Choreographic Contest District Tetuán (Madrid), prize to her Better Choreography of Spanish dance. To Vanesa Aibar as Better ' excellent ballerina ' and the prize Space of Creation ‘Silvestre La Muela’. IDA ( DEPARTURE ) Choreographer: Patricia Ruz Performers: José Manuel Muñoz and Patricia Ruz Premiere: Festival Escena Mobile 2014 Indoor show Synopsis: They eed from the cold and they decided to walk in search of the sun. "Departure” is a story about desolation. Dedicated to all those who decide to travel in the hope of nding a better place. It is part of everyday life. SENDAS ( PATHWAYS) Choreographer: Ana Erdozain Performers: Sara Gómez y Ana Erdozain Premier: Festival Escena Mobile 2014 (Sevilla) Awards: Contest  Madrid 'Paso a 2', with the Prize Choreographers in Community, with the Prize University Carlos III of Leganés (Madrid) and presented in the Week of Investigation Choreographic of Bassano del Grappa (Italy). NADA ME DICE NADA ( NOTHING TELLS ME NOTHING ) Choreographer: Antonio Quiles Performers: Antonio Quiles and Daniel Parejo + Special Gwest Premiere: Festival 10 Sentidos, Valencia (Spain), Street show | Theatre Synopsis: Three people are on the world stage, they meet, discover and recognize their similarities and dierences. Three ways of being, behaving and feeling, that are dierent and equal. Three that are three and they are one, and they could be 20 dierent people. Where to put the emphasis? Outstanding performances: ProteArt (Moscu), Fringe in El Matadero (Madrid), Bremen (Germany) and Osnabrück (Germany). Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/01/2014 / Available