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"Todas las mañanas salto de la cama y piso una mina. La mina soy yo" Ray Bradbury.

To Live beyond the limits of conscience. To live between sense and feeling. To be free from knowledge and successes. To let go and float in silence after fighting against the current. To live in what is unseen. To live in the Skins.
An emotional journey towards reconciliation with the humanity of our feelings. A continual struggle and the appeasing of our emotions. Battles shut in and protected under our Skins, in which the end is not victory but the mere feat of living and letting live against the common necessity to come to conclusions and to achieve. To try to be present in each and every moment, allowing the skins to smell, sweat, bleed, change and feel. “Suffocated by the search for balance, I can breathe when I surrender to who I am in each moment”
Credits and datasheet

Coreografía e Interpretación: Paula Quintana
Música: Caco Luque, collage
Iluminación: Grace Morales