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PEZ ESFINGE is a research work on details of underwater nature that go unnoticed, on spaces that apparently remain immobile. A duo that raises a parallel between the underwater world and shyness. A human abyssal bottom that hides our deepest nature and that sometimes surfaces in an unpredictable way. This piece has won 2 prices at DANZAXTREMA contest 2020 and it has been represented at festivals from Europe, South América, United States and Asia. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 04/10/2016 / Available

Dirección: Elías Aguirre
Interpretación: Chey Jurado y Elías Aguirre
Música original: Asaf Yaniv, Ignacio Valbuena
Diseño de luces: Sergio G. Domínguez
Duración: 15 minutos