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Spanish dance continues its vibrant life beat. Once again, Sara Calero adds a new play to the genre full of her intelligent creativity, and she does so together with flamenco singer and composer Gema Caballero. The two female creators are most committed in their interaction between Spanish dance and flamenco as well as their closest codes. In this new adventure the Calero-Caballero duo relies on the support of the guitarist José Almarcha and the electronic music of The Lab (José Corredera and Miguel Lázaro). The result is Petisa Loca [‘Little Crazy Girl’], a project in which the artists encounter essence, emotions, and paths to a universal living. It is the story of a woman who abandons a world of stereotypical obligations and paves her own way to freedom.   An emotive and cultural arch is formed on stage, transporting us from the rigorous and violent traditional environment to the transformation experienced in search of individual aspirations. This adventurous journey is propelled by an amalgam of Iberian and American music, a showcase of how the root culture can be most favourably affected by its meeting with new worlds. On this journey, the lyrics are salvaged from songs and poems of the cultural origin about first loves, clashes between the idealised and the real, and the solitude and hardship often awaiting us at the end of the road. T Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 11/02/2017 / Available

“Petisa Loca” es una producción de Compañía Sara Calero
Dirección artística – Sara Calero
Dirección musical – Gema Caballero
Música electrónica – The Lab (José Corredera y Miguel Lázaro)
Composición guitarra – José Almarcha
Diseño de Iluminación – Gloria Montesinos
Ingeniero de sonido – Victor Tomé
Vestuario – Magoncas
Calzado – Antonio García
Escenografía – Fernando Calero
Foto – Fernando Marcos
Producción y distribución: Esmanagement- Elena Santonja

Sara Calero

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