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PEPA SANZ & JOSÉ MERINO, versatile dancers and choreographers with extensive experience and training in Flamenco and Spanish Dance who have been developed their career with an open approach to other languages and disciplines, actively participating in bold projects and renovators of contemporary Spanish dance.

Girasol Flamenco is the result of bringing together all of that accumulated experience, fusing the use of traditional languages with new artistic trends in the field of dance and performing arts.

In their creations they look for their own personal style through the theatricality, musicality and freedom of the performers.

Since 2006, they have been producing their own productions and commision.

In 2010 a new stage of the Company opened under the co-direction of José Merino and Pepa Sanz, with the institutional support of the Ministry of Culture, the Community of Madrid and AECID through the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Buenos Aires, for different projects. They have realized performances in Spain, Germany, Japan, Argentina and Thailand.

Dance to tell stories, or tell stories to dance? …

In any case, leave space for creativity, involving the public.

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