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  Thinking obliges us to stop, slow down, or speed up to chase an idea so it does not escape us. If Nietzsche presented the dancing philosopher as the top figure of his thought, Fernando López, philosopher and flamenco dancer puts a philosopher on stage in a flamenco club. “Pensaor” [‘Flamenco thinker’] uses flamenco dance as a means of critical thinking, making the flamenco club a mirror in which society can see its own moles, wrinkles of old age, and scars of old wounds. Thus, with the dance ongoing, Fernando López throws questions into the air as if they were “olés” written in mathematical language. He gives clues to a tale of who we are and who we have been. This way, the stage is converted into a garden where questions of historical memory, collective identity, gender roles, and male chauvinistic violence flourish. The piece also forms part of the doctoral thesis that Fernando López is studying in the Dance Department of the University of Paris VIII under the supervision of Isabelle Launay and Mahalia Lassibille. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/12/2018 / Available

Concept, dramaturgy and choreography: Fernando López
Music: VVAA
Clothing: Fernando López
Lights design: Jorge Pascual Lobato

Performers: Fernando López (dance), Jero Férec (guitar player) y Álvaro Romero (singer)