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Chevi Muraday and Miss Beige decide to come together for an artistic coexistence. Dance and performance go hand in hand in a piece where simplicity shines in the best of senses under the majesty of Tchaikovsky and revolves around Franco Battiato's "Centro Di Gravità Permanente". In a world of retouching, both artists come together to make a piece where there is no artifice, only their presence, their disciplines and the communication that arises between them. In this particular Paso a Dos, the dialogue is put by the spectator and the reflections too, but it is time to put the spectator, if he/she wishes, in a situation that he/she does not know how to control since his/her arrival to the theatre. The voyeur will also have to play. There are many ways of playing and being played and Pas de Deux places the spectator in a position of surprise with no escape. The aim is to disconcert the spectator so that they never know what is going to happen precisely because this Pas de Deux, through play, changes the axis, the centre of gravity and even the colour. In times where people try to attack coexistence, art counteracts with a proposal where respect shines and the desire to nourish ourselves with everything that the person next to us offers us. A piece to reflect on how UN PASO A DOS can take us to unknown places, both for the artists and the audience, and which leaves us with a great desire to dance.   Credits and datasheet

Choreography: Chevi Muraday and Miss Beige
Performers: Chevi Muraday and Miss Beige
Lighting technician: Óscar Sáinz
Production and distribution manager: Gachi Pisani