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“«P de Partida» is a work to enjoy [...] In this dance theater work all the performers stand out [...] The dance, with a lot of movement on the ground, is fresh and resounding, with extension to drama and humor, outstanding the ensemble groups. All this accompanied by a great soundtrack where the mixture of music favors the development of the dramaturgy, as well as a splendid lighting design”. Martha Carrasco. ABC of Seville. 6/12/2020 A metaphor of how we human beings manage to “run away”, while we are still stuck in the same place, because we have not yet dedicated our time to solving what makes us return, over and over again, to the same point. Dear viewer: We need to talk. What is this that "he who seeks her finds"? Or that other that "he who pursues her gets it"? It is not that we have solved any enigma, understand us, but taking advantage of the rest in the dressing room we are going to go through the lining of our robes these and other clairvoyance. We'll do it with a cabaret. Well, no. It's not a cabaret. I want to say: that we will deny you a cabaret, but you will be able to see another one, sifted through contemporary dance. They're all there, don't be alarmed: from the conjurer to the final ballad transvestite. Today you will believe that you are a discreet voyeur, a mirror of a spectator on the other side of the scene, when in reality all this great doubt is designed for you and for that chance that sleeps in your hands. So take pity on us Sisyphus of color, doomed to lift stones to the top and then watch them roll down again. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 05/12/2020 / Available

The promoter of all this is Raquel Madrid
The creation is collective by Anna Paris, Isabel Vázquez, Arturo Parrilla, Sandra Ortega, Raquel Madrid
The dramaturgy and the texts are by Cipri López

Assistant directors and illuminating looks are Juan Antonio de la Plaza and Sandra Ortega
The one who gives light and color is Diego Cousido
The sound space is provided by Jose Pablo Polo
The Tiger Lillie gives us a song that gives it all the magic * You listen to Rocío Guzmán
The personal shopper / brillibrilli image from Mars is Ro Sánchez