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OTSOA It's a scream. Like a howl, to an invented freedom.It is a goal, a place where you must go, you have to arrive. Only the most prepared can do it. It is a dreamlike place , clothed and enveloped by everything that today's society ( is supposed to ) lacks. Otsoa it's a critique of  a different social movements with a pyramidal  structure that currently active.   Credits and datasheet

Choreography: Jordi Vilaseca
Scenography: Enric Planas
Lighting design: David Alcorta
Costumes: Xabier Mujika
Original Music: Luis Miguel Cobo
Text: Pedro Casas
Dramaturgy: Pedro Casas y Jordi Vilaseca
Performers: Begoña Martín, Helena Wilhelmsson, Aritz López, Ingrid Magriñà & Jordi Vilaseca.
Production: Aritz López
Photography: Asier Bastida
Co-Production: Culture Department of the Basque Government, Vitoria-Gasteiz Municipal Theater and Proyecto Larrua.