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Trajectory that describes one physical object around another, under the influence of a central force".

The same thing happens on stage with two artists who share the same essence and the influence of an indelible mark: Cádiz, the sea and flamenco art. This coincidence bonds them and encourages them to carry out a research project through music and body language, with the aim of capturing on the stage an oneiric journey where the characters feel the constant attraction of two elements: the earth, which represents their estate. And the spatial, that universe that allows you to have wings, challenge the comfort zone, lose balance to find it again.

In this way, the title of this work of art is born, which metaphorically represents the relationship established between both interpreters and a common reality in their lives: to walk in search of a place where they can express themselves and develop as artists, carrying in their hearts a deep sense of longing and support to their land, which forces them to return to the starting point.

An interdisciplinary proposal where circus, dance and live music cohere on stage, surrounded by scenography elements and a dramaturgy that endows it with strength and sensitivity, offering the spectator an integrating vision of art and the different stage languages that make it up.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 09/12/2019 / Available

Intérpretes: Carlos López Aragón (Danza, acrobacia, rueda cyr, piano y percusión); Noemí Pareja Muñoz (Danza, boleadoras, guitarra y percusión)
Técnico y diseño de iluminación: Almudena Oneto
Técnico y diseño sonoro: Oscar Vizcaíno
Escenografía: Carlos Monzón y Antonio García (construcción de cajones flamencos)
Vestuario: Laura León y Carmen Muñoz
Composición Músical: Noemí Pareja y Carlos López
Coreografía: Carlos López y Noemí Pareja.
Producción: Zen del Sur
Dirección: Carlos López
Asistencia en dirección: Noemí Pareja
Colaboraciones: Karen Lugo y Francisco Vidosa