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The natural selection of recent society is human obtuseness. The measure of time; horology of materials, gadgets, and apparatus generate a compulsive consumption as a new synthetic drug. Generates a slave society of waste. Promotes impulse purchase. The tyranny of products with a planned expiration date.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 26/10/2012 / Available

Artistic Director
Gabriela Martín León


Dancers (double)

Germán Morales, Julen Serrano, Ana Fernández, Yael López, Ana Mª Alonso, Kube Escudero, Ramón Marcos, Esther Gómez

Adrián López, Ricardo Cabrero, Carla Mouchet, Julia Antón, María Galisteo, Sebastien Thevenin, José Carlos de la Cal, Pilar Muñoz

Light Designer
Clemente Jiménez

Costume designers
Gabriela Martín, Josep Ahumada

Cover Photo
Clemente Jiménez

Photo Performance
Jacobo Medrano

60 minutes